Rototec-Spintec GmbH (Germany)

Laienbergstr. 112,

75323 Bad Wildbad

Rototec-Spintec your Tube Supplier

  • Cost Effective High Throughput NMR Tubes
  • Wilmad has over 60 years of experience in the Production of NMR glass tubes.
  • All tubes are produced in accordance with Wilmad's high standards.
  • All tubes are checked with modern precision optic quality control standards.
  • All tubes are stress tested to ensure there are no hidden physical defects.
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Serving the spectroscopy market since 1984

New Address With our products we offer solutions to routine problems encountered in the day to day activities of both Liquids and Solids NMR as well as EPR, including some novel solutions to both old problems, and new ones as they are encountered.
For many years we have been one of the top suppliers to both Industrial and Academic Institutions for spectroscopic needs, both consumable and capital, supplying competent, fast response to requests both in product knowledge and prompt delivery from our comprehensive stock holding. Our large satisfied customer base include the large Chemical and Pharmaceutical companies, as well as the most famous Universities and Research Institutions world wide.

Service and Support 
Rototec-Spintec has a service facility based in Darmstadt, Germany, to supply service and support for all products we supply. Another aspect of Rototec-Spintec's service activities is the repair or upgrading of NMR probes of most types and manufacturers, including adaptation to enable a NMR probe from one manufacturer to be re-used on another manufacturer's NMR system.